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Tauheed Institute

www.tauheed.com التوحيد

On Site and Online Classes

For Islamic Study, Information, Research, and Analysis

under development  [forthcoming – insh-Allah]



Tauheed Institute


| Allah Is One | Unity of Purpose and Action | Share Message with All |


Qur`an | Arabic Language | Islamic Studies



Beltsville MD    Phone 301-760-3980


Instructors :  Um Salman  &  Abu Salman



Qur`an: (Um Salman)

Onsite: Women and Children: M-T-W-T: 3:30-5:30 PM

Onsite: Older Boys and Men: M-W-F: 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Online: Women: Tuesday: 9.00 pm EST on wiziq.com

      Men: Thursday: 9.00 pm EST on wiziq.com

All Quran Classes: Free of Charge


Arabic Language: (Abu Salman)

Beginners Level:  Sun & Mon after Maghrib * for 1 ½ hours (approx)

Intermediate Level: Tues & Thurs: after Maghrib * for 1 ½ hours (approx)

Advanced Level: Sat  after Fajr * for 2 + hours (approx)

All courses are ONSITE (College Park or Beltsville) and ONLINE (wiziq.com) and run duration of three months, for $150.


{Special Rates Considered: No One Turned Away}

{- * Seasonal Timing Adjustments may Apply*- }


Islamic Studies: (Abu Salman)

Aqeedah & Fiqh Courses: TBA after Isha *

(check websites for updates)


Backup Websites: 




Older classes

For Arabic Language classes on site and online 






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